Academy Awards for Best Picture, 2000s

Do you remember the Academy Award winners of 2000-2009? We do not, so check out the list that reminds us..

2001. Gladiator (2000)

When the beloved Roman general Maximus is choosen to be the emperors successor, Commodus the son of the emperor starts a power struggle that reaches even the family of Maximus. Maximus does not only loose his beloved ones, but also his will and is captured to become a gladiator.
posterA beautiful mind
2002. A beautiful mind (2001)

Biography of the famous mathematician and former MIT professor John Nash, who suffered from schizophrenia and won the Nobel Prize in economics.
2003. Chicago (2002)

Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart find themself in a difficult position after having murdered their husband and boyfriend: Only fame will keep them from the gallows in the 1920s gangster city Chicago.
posterThe Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
2004. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

Under the guidance of Gandalf and Aragorn, the armies of Men fight Saurons hords and try to help Frodo and Sam on their way towards Mount Doom with the cursed ring.
posterMillion Dollar Baby
2005. Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Maggie Fitzgerald has nothing to loose and is determined to become a world class boxer. To achieve this, shee needs to convince Frankie Dunn, a hardened boxing trainer veterane who usually does not train girls.
2006. Crash (2004)

The story of a handful of Los Angeles citizens meeting each other as strangers: Racism, prejudice and redemption determine the faith of the relationships between these strangers.
posterThe Departed
2007. The Departed (2006)

While an undercover state cop tries to infiltrate an Irish gang, the very same gang has already an established mole in the police corps. As soon as both sides realize that they have been infiltrated, a merciless race to reveal the identity of the other rat begins.
posterNo Country For Old Men
2008. No Country For Old Men (2007)

When hunter Llewelyn Moss discovers more than 2 Million dollars around the remains of a violently drug deal, he decides to keep the money instead of reporting it to the police authorities. This puts the bloodthirsty killer Anton Chigurh on his track.
posterSlumdog Millionaire
2009. Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

As Jamal Maili, a Mumbai teenager and underdog joins the show "who wants to be a millionaire" he has only one goal: To find his childhood sweetheart Latika. However, it turns out that Jamal is incredibly good at the famous game and soon he is suspected to cheat. How could a street kid from the Mumbai slums know so much?
posterThe Hurt Locker
2010. The Hurt Locker (2008)

In an environment where anyone and anything is potentially deadly, three men men form an elite bomb squad and learn how to trust and take care of each other.
poster Saint-1997.jpg The Saint (1997)

A russian Mafia boss wants to create an oil crisis in Moscow and seize power. To realize his plan, he sends
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