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113 min.
Rated: 18 Movie-rating:: 5 of 10
Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime, Thriller,
Director: Scott Wiper
Writer: Scott Wiper
Rob Hedden
Music: Graeme Revell
Cast: Steve Austin, Vinnie Jones, Robert Mammone, Tory Mussett, Manu Bennett, Madeleine West, Sullivan Stapleton, Rick Hoffman,
Keywords: death, fight, island, isolate, freedom, bunker, strongman,

Story:Jack Conrad is awaiting the death penalty in a corrupt Central American prison. He is purchased by a wealthy television producer and taken to a isolated island where he must fight to the death against nine other condemned killers from all corners of the world, with freedom going to the sole survivor.


Production Companies:Condemned Productions
Sestreet Entertainment
WWE Studios
Budget:0 Mio. USD
Box Office Gross:8.642858 Mio. USD
Box Office Weekend:3.807595 Mio. USD
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