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144 min.
Rated: 12 Movie-rating:: 7 of 10
Genres: Action, Drama, History,
Director: Ridley Scott
Writer: William Monahan
Music: Harry Gregson-Williams
Cast: Orlando Bloom, Eva Green, Jeremy Irons, David Thewlis, Brendan Gleeson, Marton Csokas, Michael Sheen, Liam Neeson, Ghassan Massoud, Alexander Siddig, Khaled Nabawy, Kevin McKidd, Velibor Topic, Jon Finch, Ulrich Thomsen, Edward Norton, Jouko Ahola, Nathalie Cox,
Keywords: crusade, crusader, jerusalem, knight, sword, epic, swordsman, religious,

Story:After his wife dies, a blacksmith named Balian has lost all hope. But when his father comes to look for him, Balian finds a new purpose and is thrown into political intrigue and bloody wars during the Crusades.


Awards:Satellite Award for Outstanding Original Score (2005)- Harry Gregson-Williams
Production Companies:20th Century Fox
Scott Free Productions
Budget:130 Mio. USD
Box Office Gross:211.643158 Mio. USD
Box Office Weekend:19.635996 Mio. USD
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