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177 min.
Rated: 12 Movie-rating:: 6 of 10
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi,
Director: Kevin Costner
Writer: David Brin
Eric Roth
Brian Helgeland
Music: James Newton Howard
Cast: Kevin Costner, Will Patton, Larenz Tate, Tom Petty, Olivia Williams, Giovanni Ribisi, James Russo, Daniel von Bargen, Scott Bairstow, Roberta Maxwell, Joe Santos, Ron McLarty, Peggy Lipton, Brian Anthony Wilson, Todd Allen, Rex Linn, Shawn Hatosy, Ryan Hurst, Charles Esten, Annie Costner,
Keywords: post, postman, usa, army,

Story:It is 2013. War and destruction has crippled the Earth. Technology has been erased and people struggle for survival. But hope helps people against dispair, hunger and plunderer as one man starts to rebuild civilization by resuming postal services.


Awards:Saturn Award nomination for Best Science Fiction Film (1998)
Saturn Award nomination for Best Actor (1998) - Kevin Costner
Saturn Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor (1998) - Will Patton
Razzie Award nomination for Worst Picture of the Decade (2000)
Razzie Award for Worst Picture (1998)
Razzie Award for Worst Actor (1998) - Kevin Costner
Razzie Award for Worst Director (1998) - Kevin Costner
Production Companies:Tig Productions
Warner Bros.
Budget:80 Mio. USD
Box Office Gross:17.626234 Mio. USD
Box Office Weekend:5.260324 Mio. USD
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