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134 min.
Rated: 16 Movie-rating:: 8 of 10
Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi,
Director: Barry Levinson
Writer: Michael Crichton
Stephen Hauser
Kurt Wimmer
Paul Attanasio
Music: Elliot Goldenthal
Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone, Samuel L. Jackson, Peter Coyote, Liev Schreiber, Queen Latifah,
Keywords: psychology, space, ship, extraterrestrial , technology, ocean, scientist, deepsea,

Story:When a spacecraft thought to be at least 300 years old at the bottom of the ocean is discovered, a specialist team is immediately sent to the depths of the ocean to study the potential origin. They are the elite of human kind, smart and logical, and the perfect choice to learn more about the spacecraft, but are they good enough?


Production Companies:Warner Bros.
Constant c Productions
Baltimore Pictures
Budget:75 Mio. USD
Box Office Gross:50.076367 Mio. USD
Box Office Weekend:18.586765 Mio. USD
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