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More information on: Braveheart (1995)

177 min.
Rated: 16 Movie-rating:: 8 of 10
Genres: Action, Biography, History, War, Drama,
Director: Mel Gibson
Writer: Randall Wallace
Music: James Horner
Cast: Mel Gibson, Sean Lawlor, JAmes Cosmo, Sean McGinley, Brian Cox, Sophie Marceau, Angus Macfadyen, John Kavanagh, Catherine McCormack, Brendan Gleeson,
Keywords: england, scotland, fight, freedom, revolution, kilt,

Story:The story of the scotish rebel William Wallace who faced the quest to free Scotland from the english rulers after his first and secret wife was murdered cruely.


Awards:Oscar for Best Cinematography (1996) - John Toll
Oscar for Best Director (1996) - Mel Gibson
Oscar for Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing (1996)
Oscar for Best Makeup (1996)
Oscar for Best Picture (1996)
5 additional Oscar nominations (1996)
Golden Globe for Best Director-Motion Picture (1996) - Mel Gibson
Golden Globe nomination for Best Motion Picture Drama (1996)
Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Score-Motion Picture (1996)
Golden GLobe nomination for Best Screenplay-Motion Picture (1996)
Production Companies:Icon Entertainment International
Ladd Company
B.H. Finance C.V.
Budget:72 Mio. USD
Box Office Gross:210.409945 Mio. USD
Box Office Weekend:9.938276 Mio. USD
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