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121 min.
Rated: 12 Movie-rating:: 6 of 10
Genres: Adventure, Action, Sci-Fi,
Director: Roland Emmerich
Writer: Dean Devlin
Roland Emmerich
Music: David Arnold
Cast: Kurt Russell, James Spader, Alexis Cruz, Viveca Lindfors, Mili Avital, John Diehl, Carlos Lauchu, Jaye Davidson,
Keywords: stargate, alien, egypt, teleportation, military, war, space,

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Story:Archeologists find an ancient device in egypt that turns out to be an interstellar teleportation gate. A small group of soldiers recon the other side of the gate and make astonishing discoveries.


Awards:Saturn Award for Best Science Fiction Film (1995)
2 additional Saturn award nominations (1995)
Production Companies:Canal+
Centropolis Film Productions
Carolco Pictures
Budget:55 Mio. USD
Box Office Gross:196.6 Mio. USD
Box Office Weekend:16.6 Mio. USD
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