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101 min.
Rated: 16 Movie-rating:: 6 of 10
Genres: War, Drama,
Director: Joel Schumacher
Writer: Ross Klavan
Michael McGruther
Music: Nathan Larson
Cast: Colin Farrell, Mathews Davis, Clifton collins Jr., Tom Guiry, Shea Whigham, Nick Searcy,
Keywords: army, recruit, rebel, vietnam, infantry, platoon,

Story:Private Bozz is the rebel of the company. He is a born leader, but refuses to play the game of his superiours. Even in Tigerland, the Vietnam-like swamp that serves as a last training camp before being shipped over into the real war, Bozz has no wish to go to war and he shows it. This generates friction, and Tigerland becomes equally dangerous and deadly as Vietnam.


Production Companies:Haft Entertainment
New Regency Pictures
Regency Enterprises
Budget:10 Mio. USD
Box Office Gross:0.1395 Mio. USD
Box Office Weekend:0.026715 Mio. USD
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