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Apr.21,2014: We have added several lists such as this: Best Movies with Hugo Weaving
Apr.20,2014: The comparator database has been updated.
Apr.10,2014: Updated database to 333 movies and 2124 similar movie recommendations.
Apr.1,2014: Optimization and revision of the www.simopic.com basic code has been finished.
Mar.10,2014: A new article concerning One Man show movies is online
Mar.07,2014: Updated database to 318 movies and 2025 similar movie recommendations.
Feb.16,2014: Modified the design of our lists for better clarity: here
Feb.15,2014: Updated database to 300 movies and 1921 similar movie recommendations.
Feb.08,2014: Update to the results of a search query. Let's search for Ian Holm
Feb.07,2014: A new database is online: Portraits of important actors, directors, producers and musicians. Of course everything linked to the movie database for even more user comfort.
Jan.30,2014: Our first movie review is online: Movie Review: 12 Years a Slave
Jan.29,2014: Updated database to 280 movies and 1832 similar movie recommendations.
Jan.23,2014: Removed several bad links and changed our error page.
Jan.19,2014: Updated database to 269 movies and 1762 similar movie recommendations.
Jan.18,2014: We finally managed to upload a short description on how our comparator works: Functionality of Comparator
Jan.17,2014: Two new lists derived from the comparator are online:
Top low budget movies (Budget of less than 1 million USD)
Top movies starring Bruce Willis
Jan.15,2014: Some minor modifications of the header and footer, including links to our social network webpages.
Jan.11,2014: Updated database to 253 movies and 1673 similar movie recommendations.
Jan.05,2014: We made a list of the 10 best and most memorable movie villains.
Jan.04,2014: We added a few new trailers for movies anticipated in 2014: Check this.
Jan.03,2014: We compiled our favourite Sci-Fi movies into a list: Recommended Science-Fiction movies. We also updated the Comparator database .
Jan.02,2014: Another Oscar-winner list is online: Best Picture awardees from the 1990s.
Jan.01,2014: Updated database to 233 movies and 1536 similar movie recommendations. Happy New Year!
Dec.30,2013: Updated the available lists from the comparator results with Top 10 Action, Adventure, Crime and Thriller movies.
Dec.29,2013: Updated database to 219 movies and 1477 similar movie recommendations.
Dec.24,2013: Updated database to 200 movies and 1321 similar movie recommendations. Merry Christmas!
Dec.23,2013: Modified the layout of the database interface. Try it here.
Also updated our link site. If you feel your website belongs on that list, write us: simopicmovies(at)gmail[dot]com
Dec.22,2013: Updated database to 187 movies and 1198 similar movie recommendations.
Dec.14,2013: A new report is online. Read it before you go watch the second Hobbit.
Dec.8,2013: Added genre specific top lists from our comparator database, e.g. Top 10 comedy movies
Dec.7,2013: Updated the Comparator and added a list of the Top 10 movies
Dec.2,2013: Updated database to 177 movies and 1125 similar movie recommendations.
Nov.24,2013: A tiny article about the The Hunger Game alternatives is online!
Nov.23,2013: Updated database to 163 movies and 1024 similar movie recommendations.
Nov.20,2013: A first version of our comparator is working and online: Comparator
Nov.17,2013: The display of search results has been optimized and is slightly more sophisticated now.
Nov.13,2013: Updated database to 150 movies and 901 similar movie recommendations.
Nov.07,2013: Another List is online: Recommended Dramas. In addition we are working on our next database update.
Oct.30,2013: Updated database to 131 movies and 783 similar movie recommendations.
Oct.25,2013: Our first little article is online!
Oct.20,2013: Major modifications on navigation-bar. We plan to write a few little reports and have a movie-comparator. Currently both new features are "under construction".
Oct.19,2013: Minor modifications on navigation-bar. Changed "Highlights" to be dynamic.
Oct.16,2013: Updated database to 111 movies and 657 similar movie recommendations.
Oct.12,2013: Added statistics site to monitor movie-database growth.
Oct.06,2013: Updated database to 103 movies and 605 similar movie recommendations.
poster pi-1998.jpg Pi (1998)

Mathematical genius Maximilian Cohen discovers a link in the connection between numbers and reality and thus believes he can predict the future.
Top movies starring Natalie Portman on www.simopic.com LIST:  Top movies starring Natalie Portman on www.simopic.com

The best movies with moviestar Natalie Portman in our database. Evaluated using our comparator.